Dr. Scott Taylor has been an educator for over 25 years and has led schools at all levels of public education. He is currently a superintendent, faculty with the Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools, adjunct professor at Rutgers University and Montclair University. His blog (click) was recognized in 2005 by Edudemic as one of Education Administrator Blogs you Should Start Following Right Now. Dr. Taylor recevied his doctorate from Columbia University. Click for resume.

Organizational Work

Taylor has worked with Rutgers University, the New Jersey Association of School Administrators, and schools including the Somerset (New Jersey) Vocational School District and the Al-Ghazaly School in Jersey City on a variety of topics, including those titled:

“Beyond the Bathroom Debate- An Expansive Trans Student Rights Policy”

“Creating a Socially and Emotionally Rich Middle and High School Classroom: Tools of the Trade for Teachers to use Right Away”

“Using the Power of Relationship Building to Foster Teacher Leadership”



Working Together,
Consultant and Client

  • OOwnership. All of those involved in the process will play an integral role and will be engendered with a meaningful sense of ownership over decision-making.

    CCollaboration. It is expected that stakeholders (students, parents, support staff, teachers, leaders, and board members) will work together in a safe, "holding" environment.

    AApplication. The strategy must be implemented for the long-term. Clients will commit to instituionalizing the results of the process.